Wednesday, April 1, 2015

¡Hola Familia!

    Well this week I think that almost all of our appointments we had cancelled on us. That was a bummer, but we kept ourselves busy anyway by sharing the Gospel with those in the street, knocking more doors, and serving. My companion is amazing about serving. She will see a person in need and not hesitate to help them. I´m learning a lot from her example. We found a beautiful family as we were knocking doors. This is the second that we have found and I hope that this week we will actually have the opportunity to teach them. The family that we found this week was from Bolivia. The little boy was 5 who answered the door. He was SO cute! The mom was super friendly and said we could come back and visit her. We will see how it goes. The hard thing about missionary work is to see none of your investigators progressing. I don´t think so much that it is the long days in the rain, or the hot and humid days. It´s when all of those people that you know and love aren´t taking the necessary steps in order to return to live with their Heavenly Father again. 
    We were in a visit with an investigator who just got married, and she is amazing and says that she wants God to be in the center of her relationship with her husband. We asked if she had been praying, and she said no. We testified that prayer isn´t just words, but that God really is there listening to us and wanting to hear from us and to help us. How are we supposed to have God in our lives if we are not praying and talking with him. We testify about prayer all of the time with the people in the street, and my own testimony about prayer has grown. I know that God answers our prayers, and that he really does listen to us. He wants to help us, and as we align our will with His, we will see our prayers answered. 
  I´m so excited for General Conference! How amazing is it that we get to listen to a prophet of God who receives revelation to guide this church so that we all may know the way to return to live with our Father in Heaven again. We have invitations printed out for the General Conference and have been testifying, with everyone, about the restoration and how we have a prophet today. We have a lot of invitations to give away, and I hope that many people come to hear the word of a prophet and apostles called of God. 
   An elderly lady wants Hermana Dorgia and I to dye her hair. I hope that goes well. This lady is super sweet and although she critiques the way I cut cheese, I love her. She has such an amazing testimony.
   A girl in our ward got her mission call to Argentina. It was so much fun to be able to experience that with her. I love the members that we have in our ward. This girl is always helping us with our visits, but she is also so great with the ward members. She serves the widows, and knows everyone in the ward and talks with them all, and is always serving them and spending time with them. She is an amazing member missionary. 
   I know that Christ suffered and died for our sins so that we could be forgiven. I also know that He lives, and like him we can live again. He overcame spiritual and physical death so that we could have eternal life. All we need to do is use our agency to follow His perfect example. I love my Saviour. I know that God is our Loving Heavenly Father, and that we can live with Him and our Families for eternity.

Love you all!

Hermana Schmidt

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