Tuesday, April 14, 2015

No longer a trainee.

Hi Family and Friends!
 So I´m staying in Barcelona, but I´m no longer in the 12 week training process. My Italian trainer has left me to go to Badelona, which is really close to here, and I now I have a Korean companion named Hermana Lee. She is super awesome and I think that we are going to have a lot of amazing adventures together.
   So we had a lot of visits with the members this week which was super great, and we´ve started to receive some referrals from them! One family is super amazing, and whenever we go to their house we do practicas with them of how they can show the Book of Mormon to their friends and invite their friends to church. They have a daughter who is 15 and she showed us some dresses that she had bought from H&M that were only 15 euros and MODEST!!! The next day, during lunch we decided to go and buy that dress. We both bought green, and wore it on Sunday, and Laura, the 15 year old, did as well. Her parents and her thought it was the best thing ever.
    I shared my testimony in sacrament meeting! That was scary, but I did it and afterwards people came up to me and were telling me how good my spanish has gotten. It´s not that great, but I´m glad that they can see my progress. The members of my ward are amazing, and since yesterday was the last day that Hermana Dorgia could see them, we had a ton of eating visits. All of the members were taking pictures with us, and we just had fun goofing around, sharing a spiritual message with them, it helped me a lot to gain a better relationship with the members. I´m excited for these next 6 weeks here in Barcelona!
   One of the members gave us a little mirror with our last names inscribed on the back, but she spelt our names wrong and instead put Hermana Dogia and Hermana Schmidle. It was so funny whenever she realized the mistake, but I love it!
   We again had a lot of visits planned this week, but a lot of them cancelled on us, but that is what it is like here. We contact a lot and meet a LOT of strange people, but also some pretty amazing people. We are hoping to start building up other parts of our areas and find better ways of working with the members.
   Oh, another thing that I´ve noticed about Spain is that the women here are always linking their arms with each other or hold hands to comfort their friends. I´ve held more hands here, to comfort the members and our investigators, than I think I have in my entire life. I love it though.
Sorry that this letter is so short!  Until next week!!!
Hermana Schmidt

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