Monday, April 6, 2015

¡Hola Familia y mis Amigos!

     Well Dad, I know you thought you were making me jealous by telling me about the bbq you had, but this week we had two barbecues so I wasn´t too jealous even though yours are way better. The first bbq I went to was whenever I was on exchanges. Lucky me! They did have blood sausage but I was too scared to try it. It probably tasted super good as well. They members are super funny. Whenever we were leaving they clapped for us...maybe they were happy that we were leaving? 
   Also, whenever I was on exchanges, I stopped an old man in the street, and to make a long story short, we talked for about 30 minutes and during that time he talked about how he had had cancer and had a scar from the surgery. He then ended up showing us his scar by unbuttoning his shirt and untucking his undershirt to show us the scar on his belly. Then, as we were saying bye he kissed both of my companion´s cheeks and when he went to do that to me I was prepared and awkwardly stuck out my hand to shake his like a good missionary. My poor companion was in shock still haha. 
   On our preparation day last week we went over to a less active members house to celebrate her birthday with her. She is a bit crazy, but we love her and are trying to help her. No one, but us visited her on her birthday. How sad! We made banana bread though and decorated her house with all kinds of decorations. She recently has been diagnosed with a lot of medical issues and can no longer eat surgary things, so all of her snacks she gives to us. She is from Texas so she had syrup and we were super excited for it!!! This morning for pday we made pancakes and had syrup as we watched the last session of general conference with our district and the other district for study time. Almost like home!
    The second barbecue was today. Our church building is really cool and is three stories tall. On the top floor there is an area outside where you can have parties. The food was super good and it was so fun to talk with our ward members. 
     I loved General conferece and there was an obvious theme this time. The FAMILIES!!! I love my family! There was something else that I liked though when they were talking about how we should be in awe of those small and wonderful things of the gospel. One of the sisters in my apartment is a super good example of this. She thinks it´s the coolest thing that we have bodies. Something simple, but whenever we think of the plan that our Father has for us, it is really awesome that we have bodies. I think that whenever we think of those simple things of the gospel and are in awe we learn to appreciate life, our family, and our potential as children of God. How amazing is the plan that God has for us. 
    Easter in Spain is a week long thing, and the last couple of days almost no one is working. There is no Easter egg hunt, but there is tons of chocolate. 
    I love this time of year when we remember what our Saviour did for us. I know that He overcame physical and spiritual death, and that like him we can be resurrected and live with and be like our Father in Heaven. I love my Saviour.

Love you all!

Hermana Schmidt

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