Monday, April 20, 2015

Hey everyone!
   In my area in Barcelona we are pretty much just starting from scratch. All the investigators that we did have have stopped answering our phone calls and are never home. Sad? yes. But this week Hermana Lee and I found many new investigators to teach. We are filling up our pool of investigators again and hoping that at least a few will accept the message that we have and want to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized, and eventually go to the temple!
  A girl from our ward just came home from her mission, and is helping us a lot in our work. She was talking to us about how the younger generation were really prepared to receive this message. I don´t contact that many young adults, but I remembered what she said and as we walked past a building, a young man walked out. I hadn´t intended to talk to him, but one minute I was walking with my companion, and the next second I was turned around talking with the young man. Apparently he had been going to the church building every Thursday night to play soccer. We explained a little bit about our religion, and how the same church that Christ established, when he was on the earth, was restored. Then I asked him if he would like to know for himself if Christ really had restored His church. He thought for a minute then said "yeah I woud actually like to know."  We are going to visit with him on Thursday, and he actually gave us his correct phone number. We called him yesterday and he answered. 
   My companion is super good at just talking with everyone. We literally can´t go 5 steps without talking with someone. I don´t know where she finds all this energy to do it. My trainer called me a contacting machine, but I don´t think she knows Hermana Lee. The two of us have found 16 new investigators just this first week being together and have set 4 baptismal dates. We actually have set three of those baptismal dates in the street with people that we have met for the first time. Yeah, my companion is fearless, and lets people know our purpose right away. She is awesome!
  In ward council I actually spoke because I was the missionary with more time in my area. All of the members looked at me in shock like they couldn´t believe what they were hearing. Then the 1st counselor in the bishopric said "Wow, Hermana Schmidt, you can actually talk really good!" I think they are learning to see that I´m actually able to do missionary work and that I´m not just a shy girl. You can´t really be shy on the mission. I have to talk to people all the time! It´s exhausting but totally worth it.
   Now that it is summer we walk more instead of taking the metro. It´s so much better. My companion and I also made a goal to not use the escalators or the elavator, and one day we had lunch with a member who lived on the very top floor of her apartment building. I just about died by the time we finally got to the top. Maybe this will help us a little though because the members love to give us a TON of food!
Have to go! Love you all!
Hermana Schmidt

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