Wednesday, April 29, 2015

¡Hola Family and Friends!
Hola Family and Friends
  This week has been so amazing. My companion and I have worked hard
and everynight we come home exhausted, but so happy. The Lord has been
putting us in the rightplace at the right time. We've taught 70
lessons this week. We've contacted a lot of people on the street and
prayed with a lot of people on the street. I love that I get to serve
everyday. Whether it be comforting someone with a hug and words of
encouragment, or finding people who are really looking for the true
Church of Jesus Christ, or helping a member family from the U.S. use
our phone to call their friends to pick them up, I love that I can
help them.
   Dia de Sant Jordi was this week. The guys give the girls a rose and
the girls give the guys a book. The streets were full of roses, and we
gave out quite a few copies of the Book of Mormon. A little girl from
our ward made roses out of clay and a popsicle stick for us. I love
the members in our ward.
  My companion and I have the goal to only use the stairs and to not
use the elevators because we don't like the weight that we are gaining
from eating the delicious food at the members house. One day we went
to a members house who lives on the 14th floor. I was dying by the
time we got to the top.
  We've met some pretty amazing people as we've contacted and talked
with people on the metro. One was a man from Korea who has been living
in Spain for 20 years and he invited us to go to a Korean restaurant
with him. My companion is super excited to eat Korean this week. We
are going to teach him the Gospel. Can you imagine, we might have a
Korean baptized here in Spain. How cool! We also met a young couple
who work at subway. My companion mentioned how she loved the cookies
at subway, and the guy ended up having some cookies with him and
offered us each one. Woo-hoo! I love talking to the people on the
metro. You never know who you are going to meet.
   We had a lesson with a new investigator of ours from the Dominican
Republic who has two daughters ages 9 and 7. Her name is Fiori and she
is so prepared! At the very beginning of the lesson her 9 year old
daughter asked if it was obligatory to be baptized. When we said
prayer with them they were so happy to pray. I love them so much. The
mom and 9 year old daughter have a baptismal date for the 16th of May.
I think that they are going to make it. :)
   The Releif Society President has a cello and has offered it to me
to use while I am here in Barcelona. She needs to buy the A string
this week, but then she is going to give to me to use! So excited to
be able to play cello again!
   I love the things that I am learning here on my mission. The Gospel
of Jesus Christ is fantastic and so simple. I love that we have a
Father in Heaven who loves us, and has given us families!
   Love you all!!
Hermana Schmidt

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