Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hey everyone!
  So remember the metro mix-up from last week? Well, the little girl got baptised on Saturday! It was so cool to see the blessing of always remembering our purpose as missionaries. Even it is preparation day and we get off on the wrong metro stop. God places people in our paths who are prepared to receive the Restored Gospel. 
   I was on exchanges again this week and we decided to knock on the door of the very top floor of our building where we had given our neighbor a Book of Mormon. A young lady opened the door and let us into the apartment. Her boyfriend, who was the one we had given the Book of Mormon, was asleep on the couch and his girlfriend let us out onto the Balcony. She is from Chile and is so sweet. She treated us as if we had been friends forever and was completly opened to learning about the Gospel. The view on the balcony was absolutely gorgeous as well. 
   My companion and I woke up 5:30 on Monday to run to the beach. We got to see the sunrise and worked out there. There is almost no one out during that time in the morning, so we brought out music with us and danced. :)
   Our Korean friend, Shim, loves coming to church and even says he wants to pay tithing. He is so golden. He is moving apartments, but luckily lives in our area still. He called us to see if anyone in the ward could help him. I love that he has gained a trust in the ward members. He is so stinkin funny. I made him cinnamon rolls once and he absolutly loved them. Eversince then he has been asking me for more "American Pan." When people ask him how he met the missionaries he always says "Schmidt found me. Schmidt talked to me." I´m glad that I will be staying here in Barcelona for another transfer to see him get baptised. He is always talking about his baptism and is excited to be baptised on the 6th of June
   We have been heart-attacking some of the members with little notes on their doors. We have to get pretty creative and sneaky so that they don´t know we are doing it. We are doing a lot to strengthen the members right now, and whenever we are not with the members we are with our investigators or knocking doors and contacting people on the street. It´s been really fun to just serve and loose myself in the work. 
    Sorry this letter is so short! Love you all so much!
  Hermana Schmidt

Monday, May 18, 2015

Hola Everyone!
   This week was so full of miracles! My companion and I have a goal to
reach at least three standards of excellence everyweek, and so far we have
been able to do it, but this past week on Saturday we still had a ton
that we needed to do.
   We had had a lot of visits set up and members to help us, but sadly
almost all of the members that said they would help us ended up
canceling last minute. But, we had really good lessons with our
investigators anyways.
   I was on an exhange on Friday and as the other sister missionary
and I were coming out of the metro we contacted a man and his wife who
were just sitting on a bench. They were really nice and we ended up
getting there information, and even invited them to come to english
classes the next day. They were interested and even wrote down our
names. The Elders teach english classes on Saturday so we weren´t
going to be able to see them. But, there was a baptism a couple of
hours later and we went to that. To our surprise, the man and his wife
were there as well with their daughter and mother! That was so great!
They had a lot of really good questions as well, and came to church
the next day. We are going to eat lunch with them tomorrow.
    Saturday night I started a fast and my companion joined me
because, even though we had a lot of things we needed to do still, we
knew that we could reach our goals if we had faith.
    We need six people at church in order to reach one of the standard
of excellence and we were blessed to have seven people come. One of
the people that came was actually a man whom we had never met before
and who had met the missionaries on the street two years prior. He had
never had the opportunity to come to church before because of work,
but his work schedule changed and now he was able to come. He is so
golden and he even stayed for all three hours of church.
   Gospel Principles was a bit embarrassing because I was called to
read from the book and of course my reading is even worse than my
talking and I stumbled over my words a ton, and when I thought I was
finished, I was asked to keep going. Luckily I can laugh at myself.
   After church we still needed to have 8 more member present lessons
or 1 more person with a baptismal date in order to reach our goals. We
called all the members we could think of to see if any could help us,
but of course people have their life and so they couldn´t. We finally
called a lady who is always helping the missionaries, and she said
that she could help. We had visits, but most of them cancelled. So, we
contacted with this member. She has no problem contacting and we were
able to talk with and pray with eight people. Our last lesson was with
our Korean investigator. He has a problem with the word of wisdom, but
it was really funny because I just told him that he shouldn´t drink
and he was like "okay, I won´t." He´s the kind of person that actually
keeps his promises though.
   We found two other girls while walking home and we invited them to
be baptised and they accepted. We ended up reaching 4 of the 5
standards of excellence. That was way cool. It just shows me that with
faith and dilligence all things are possible.
   I need to get going. I love you all!

Hermana Schmidt

Monday, May 11, 2015

Hola Family and Friends!
  Happy Mother's day to all Mothers! Yesterday, my companion and I
made cinnamon rolls and went to visit the members and gave a cinnamon
roll to all of the moms. They loved it! We also gave one cinnamon roll
to our Korean investigator, Shim. We wanted to ask him to get baptised
since he had already been coming to church ever since we met. He
really loved the cinnamon roll and wanted more, but sadly I didn't
have enough to give him another. I also had a baptismal calender in my
hand and he asked me what it was. I was pretty blunt and told him it
was a calender to help him prepare for his baptism. He was a little
shocked at first, but eventually accepted to be baptized on the 6th of
June. I'm so excited for him!
   Our other investigator that comes to church is also doing really
well and is still planning to get baptised on the 23rd of May. I
really think that she will get baptized, and her son as well. We are
doing a lot more with the ward members inorder so that we help them to
feel the spirit of missionary work. We even received a reference.
Heavenly Father is blessing us so much in our area.
   We had a mission wide conference to talk about receiving Ipads in
our mission. It's never been done before, and a member of the area 70
came to talk to us as well as other leaders of the church. I really
liked how they emphasized that the Lord is saving our generation. They
were talking about how Ipads or other digital devices are just a tool,
and that we shouldn't let them control us. They then emphasized that
after our missions we should remember how we used these devices on the
mission so that we don't waste our time on them or start doing things
on them that we shouldn't.
    We then had another conference with our zone, and as we split up
into sections to do roleplays, President Pace came into the room I was
practicing in and that just made me super nervous and made my spanish
even worse. He then used me as an example later of being someone who
can't talk very good in the language but has the spirit with them. You
can imagine how red my face was while he was talking about me in front
of the whole zone. I really try to go unnoticed, but seems impossible
to do haha.
   Sorry that this week's letter is so short. I love you all!
  Hermana Schmidt

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Hey Everyone!
   We ended up eating out with our Korean investigator this week and at a Korean restaurant too. It was really good and he was nice enough to not buy the super spicy food. It was still spicy though, but so good. He loves talking with Americans, but doesn´t speak any english and He doesn´t understand spanish much either. My companion has to do a lot of translating. He came to church this Sunday, and a baptism. That was awesome! Especially since he told us that he wasn´t going to come to church this week.
     I was on exchanges this week with Hermana Wiseman. We knocked a buiding where one of our investigators lives, and found four other investigators to teach in the same building. At one door we knocked, a Peruvian lady opened the door. She was really nice and we set up a return visit with her. Then before we left we asked if we could pray with her. She then invited us into her house! Never had that happen before. Now she has a baptismal date for the 23rd of this month and has already come to church this week. 
    We also met a lady from the Phillipines who speaks English and lives in that same building. She wasn´t very interested when we were talking with her at the door, but she said that we could pass by any time. We left her with a prayer and then went. The next day we were by that building and she was coming home with her three sons. She invited us in so of course we followed. Her sons have autism, but are the sweetest boys ever! She told us that after we had said a prayer with her the day before she had just felt a sense of calm the rest of the day. Power of prayer is amazing! We are now teaching her and her sons. 
   We also have another family that we teach that live in the same building. We call this building "the Building of Miracles" because of how many people we have found. We even figured out that a les active member works at there as well. We visit him as well. I love the relationship that I have with my investigators. It´s as if I´ve known them forever! 
   We still talk to almost everyone on the street. Lots say no, but some say yes! I love being able to share my testimony with everyone on the street. It´s cool to see the change in people. At first many people say no, but as we are a little persistent and share our testimony, they start to listen and then some accept it. 
   I found a cool quote this week while reading a talk called "The

Fourth Missionary" by Lawrence E. Corbridge-
  "The purpose and central blessing of life is change. It is to be changed to become more like Jesus Christ. It is to incorporate into your character, the qualities of His character. It is to move from one degree of intelligence and capacity to the next, and from there to the next, until you see God face to face adn know Him as He knows you."
   I love that we have the ability to become more like our Saviour, Jesus Christ, everyday. We are here to progress in this life. I can´t force my investigators to progress against there will, but I can be progressing and putting my will in line with the will of our Heavenly Father. 
   The mission is so great!
Hermana Schmidt