Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hey everyone!
  So remember the metro mix-up from last week? Well, the little girl got baptised on Saturday! It was so cool to see the blessing of always remembering our purpose as missionaries. Even it is preparation day and we get off on the wrong metro stop. God places people in our paths who are prepared to receive the Restored Gospel. 
   I was on exchanges again this week and we decided to knock on the door of the very top floor of our building where we had given our neighbor a Book of Mormon. A young lady opened the door and let us into the apartment. Her boyfriend, who was the one we had given the Book of Mormon, was asleep on the couch and his girlfriend let us out onto the Balcony. She is from Chile and is so sweet. She treated us as if we had been friends forever and was completly opened to learning about the Gospel. The view on the balcony was absolutely gorgeous as well. 
   My companion and I woke up 5:30 on Monday to run to the beach. We got to see the sunrise and worked out there. There is almost no one out during that time in the morning, so we brought out music with us and danced. :)
   Our Korean friend, Shim, loves coming to church and even says he wants to pay tithing. He is so golden. He is moving apartments, but luckily lives in our area still. He called us to see if anyone in the ward could help him. I love that he has gained a trust in the ward members. He is so stinkin funny. I made him cinnamon rolls once and he absolutly loved them. Eversince then he has been asking me for more "American Pan." When people ask him how he met the missionaries he always says "Schmidt found me. Schmidt talked to me." I´m glad that I will be staying here in Barcelona for another transfer to see him get baptised. He is always talking about his baptism and is excited to be baptised on the 6th of June
   We have been heart-attacking some of the members with little notes on their doors. We have to get pretty creative and sneaky so that they don´t know we are doing it. We are doing a lot to strengthen the members right now, and whenever we are not with the members we are with our investigators or knocking doors and contacting people on the street. It´s been really fun to just serve and loose myself in the work. 
    Sorry this letter is so short! Love you all so much!
  Hermana Schmidt

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