Friday, June 5, 2015

Hey everyone!
  This week was really great! A member in the ward is letting me
borrow her cello and I get to play next Sunday during sacrament
meeting! I actually am playing with the primary as well and with the
missionaries as we do a special musical number. It will be so great to
play again.
   We had transfers on Tuesday last week, and my companion and I were
made companions with the new sister missionaries for one night. As we
brought the girls to the apartment we smelt something really bad and
realized at the bottom of the stairs was dog poop. That was a great
way to introduce the girls to Barcelona.
   Our Korean investigator had to move apartment buildings and we were
scared he was moving into the Elder´s area, but luckily he stayed in
our area. There was no elevator in his new apartment building, so we
had to carry everything up the stairs. It wasn´t too many things, and
Shim, our investigator, got us breakfast afterwards and told us that
he would get baptised on the 13th of June. We are going to eat lunch
with him and the family that helped him move. I told him I could make
cinnamon rolls, and he told me he wanted a tray for himself. I love
seeing how the members are helping us with our investigators.
    We had a dinner appointment with some member, but had no idea
where their house was. When we exited the metro we were saved by
meeting up with some other members. The wife took us to our dinner
appointment. We were so greatful that Heavenly Father placed them in
our path. It was pretty late by the time we got to our dinner
appointment and I don´t think that I have eaten so much food in so
little time. There were other members at this house who were watching
the soccer game, and so it was just my companion and I eating at the
table with a member. That was weird, but we laughed pretty hard about
it later.
    We have received Ipads in the mission. It´s pretty cool, but I
just think it´s funny that I´m one of the most technologically
challenged people and yet here I am using an Ipad. It will be cool to
see the work hasten as we use this technology.
   Lots of things are happening here in Barcelona! Thanks for your
prayers and support. I love you all!
   Hermana Schmidt

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  1. That's awesome that you get to play the cello! And crazy that you can just pick right back up when you haven't been able to practice! So fun. You'll be proud of Macy :). She's doing awesome. School's out! I'm going to have the girls put together a package. Love hearing about your experiences!!