Tuesday, June 23, 2015

¡hola everyone!
   This week we saw a lot of success. We found investigators that are
so prepared to receive the gospel, and a lot of our knew investigators
are actually references from the members or references from people we
talk to on the street.
   One these references was golden. We were at church on Sunday,
talking with the members after sacrament meeting, and one member came
up to us and asked if he could talk to my companion and I for a
second. He is a normal faithful member who does his home teaching and
saw the needs of the people he was teaching and asked for our help. He
is home teaching  a lady who was less active for a while, but has been
coming to church for the past six months with her 14 year-old daughter
who isn't a member. He told us that the daughter wants to get
baptized, but just needs to have the lessons. We set up a visit for
the next day, and the home teacher was able to come as well. The
lesson went perfectly and the girl is planning on being baptized on
the 3rd of July.
   I played my cello again with all of the primary children for
sacrament meeting. We had some little children playing their violins
and flute as well. Next Sunday I get to play again! We usually have a
meeting after church and then we go home, but this week we were
invited to a members house for lunch, so I carried the cello all the
way to the members house. As we were walking home, my companion looked
to the side of the road and saw a dead rat. She screamed, jumped, and
clung onto my arm so tight. I wanted to die laughing because of he
face that she made.
    We get to go to English classes now because we have three
investigators who go. One of our investigator speaks perfect English
almost and he has only been learning it for three months. He said he
can teach us the language of the Incas, but when he said that there
were three different dialects and I couldn't tell the difference
between the three I decided that I shouldn't even try.
   I was reading in Alma chapter 50 today and I remembered an object
lesson that my dad gave for a family home evening whenever I was about
14. It's talking about Moroni and how he fortifies the cities so that
Lamanites cannot overcome them. My dad related this to how we can
fortify our homes so that the temptations of the world cannot overcome
our families. I think it's amazing that I can still remember that
family home evening from so long ago. I'm so grateful for parents who
taught me the gospel and made our home a Christ centered home, a place
of refuge from the world.
     This area is growing so much! I'm so grateful to be here in
Barcelona and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone. I would
invite you all to Invite your friends to hear this message. I know
it's true and that Heavenly Father will bless us in our efforts.
  Love you!
Hermana Schmidt

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  1. What a nice shout out to you as parents and the power of Family Home Evening! So sweet!