Monday, May 18, 2015

Hola Everyone!
   This week was so full of miracles! My companion and I have a goal to
reach at least three standards of excellence everyweek, and so far we have
been able to do it, but this past week on Saturday we still had a ton
that we needed to do.
   We had had a lot of visits set up and members to help us, but sadly
almost all of the members that said they would help us ended up
canceling last minute. But, we had really good lessons with our
investigators anyways.
   I was on an exhange on Friday and as the other sister missionary
and I were coming out of the metro we contacted a man and his wife who
were just sitting on a bench. They were really nice and we ended up
getting there information, and even invited them to come to english
classes the next day. They were interested and even wrote down our
names. The Elders teach english classes on Saturday so we weren´t
going to be able to see them. But, there was a baptism a couple of
hours later and we went to that. To our surprise, the man and his wife
were there as well with their daughter and mother! That was so great!
They had a lot of really good questions as well, and came to church
the next day. We are going to eat lunch with them tomorrow.
    Saturday night I started a fast and my companion joined me
because, even though we had a lot of things we needed to do still, we
knew that we could reach our goals if we had faith.
    We need six people at church in order to reach one of the standard
of excellence and we were blessed to have seven people come. One of
the people that came was actually a man whom we had never met before
and who had met the missionaries on the street two years prior. He had
never had the opportunity to come to church before because of work,
but his work schedule changed and now he was able to come. He is so
golden and he even stayed for all three hours of church.
   Gospel Principles was a bit embarrassing because I was called to
read from the book and of course my reading is even worse than my
talking and I stumbled over my words a ton, and when I thought I was
finished, I was asked to keep going. Luckily I can laugh at myself.
   After church we still needed to have 8 more member present lessons
or 1 more person with a baptismal date in order to reach our goals. We
called all the members we could think of to see if any could help us,
but of course people have their life and so they couldn´t. We finally
called a lady who is always helping the missionaries, and she said
that she could help. We had visits, but most of them cancelled. So, we
contacted with this member. She has no problem contacting and we were
able to talk with and pray with eight people. Our last lesson was with
our Korean investigator. He has a problem with the word of wisdom, but
it was really funny because I just told him that he shouldn´t drink
and he was like "okay, I won´t." He´s the kind of person that actually
keeps his promises though.
   We found two other girls while walking home and we invited them to
be baptised and they accepted. We ended up reaching 4 of the 5
standards of excellence. That was way cool. It just shows me that with
faith and dilligence all things are possible.
   I need to get going. I love you all!

Hermana Schmidt

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