Monday, May 11, 2015

Hola Family and Friends!
  Happy Mother's day to all Mothers! Yesterday, my companion and I
made cinnamon rolls and went to visit the members and gave a cinnamon
roll to all of the moms. They loved it! We also gave one cinnamon roll
to our Korean investigator, Shim. We wanted to ask him to get baptised
since he had already been coming to church ever since we met. He
really loved the cinnamon roll and wanted more, but sadly I didn't
have enough to give him another. I also had a baptismal calender in my
hand and he asked me what it was. I was pretty blunt and told him it
was a calender to help him prepare for his baptism. He was a little
shocked at first, but eventually accepted to be baptized on the 6th of
June. I'm so excited for him!
   Our other investigator that comes to church is also doing really
well and is still planning to get baptised on the 23rd of May. I
really think that she will get baptized, and her son as well. We are
doing a lot more with the ward members inorder so that we help them to
feel the spirit of missionary work. We even received a reference.
Heavenly Father is blessing us so much in our area.
   We had a mission wide conference to talk about receiving Ipads in
our mission. It's never been done before, and a member of the area 70
came to talk to us as well as other leaders of the church. I really
liked how they emphasized that the Lord is saving our generation. They
were talking about how Ipads or other digital devices are just a tool,
and that we shouldn't let them control us. They then emphasized that
after our missions we should remember how we used these devices on the
mission so that we don't waste our time on them or start doing things
on them that we shouldn't.
    We then had another conference with our zone, and as we split up
into sections to do roleplays, President Pace came into the room I was
practicing in and that just made me super nervous and made my spanish
even worse. He then used me as an example later of being someone who
can't talk very good in the language but has the spirit with them. You
can imagine how red my face was while he was talking about me in front
of the whole zone. I really try to go unnoticed, but seems impossible
to do haha.
   Sorry that this week's letter is so short. I love you all!
  Hermana Schmidt


  1. Hermana Schmidt! I have loved reading all your updates (we still read them all!) and I've even posted a few times- but for some reason my comments were getting deleted because I wasn't signed in- and then I wouldn't get back to re-writing them. So sorry!

    Thank you so much for you letter! Macy actually also had a letter for you- I will have to get her doing one again. She is so much better at reading and writing now that she is almost done with 1st grade! She also has a cello recital tonight :). And Sydney a violin recital tomorrow.

    We have loved receiving mail from you! Thanks so much! The girls get so excited. I will make sure to actually mail their letters this next week or two after we've got all these recitals and crazy end of year happenings wrapped up.

    Did you use your dad's cinnamon roll recipe, ha! I bet they loved it! That is a crazy story about the president using you as an example! Good thing having the spirit is what matters most! (Although I'm quite certain you prob aren't giving your awful enough credit with the Spanish- I think it's so amazing to learn any second language at all!).

    Love you!

    Sarah Dean

  2. Aren't giving yourself!!! Not awful! Autocorrect!