Sunday, May 1, 2016

¡Hola a todos!
         I'm back in the north! We received our transfer calls on
Saturday night and all week we were thinking that my companion would
be leaving. When Saturday came, I received a phone call from President
Dayton saying that I would be leaving for Bilbao to finish the
training of Hermana Aguilar from Chile. I was so shocked by the
unexpected transfer, but knowing that I was going to Bilbao made me so
happy that I almost shouted for joy! The other sister missionaries in
my apartment fell to the floor as they heard the news that I was
leaving which made me laugh. It has been such a blessing to have had
to be with them. We shared so many wonderful times together and I
will miss them, but I feel as if I've just been given an amazing gift
to be able to go back to the north and be able to see those people who
I had come to love so much as well as be in a ward that that helps out
so much with the missionary work.
        This week we had some really great lessons and seemed to be in
the right place at the right time. One day we were on our way to a
lunch visit, and when we got to the bus stop we saw a member. She
asked where we were headed to and learned that we were all going to
the same place. We took the bus together and she told my companion and
I that she was so happy we were on the same bus because she didn't
really know how to get to the house and needed our help. Another time
we were on the bus we saw our friend, Gloria, and were able to talk
with her. We then visited her on Saturday, and were also able to teach
her and her friends!
         During the next couple of days I said good bye to everyone,
and of course everyone just gave me a ton of food. An African lady
ended up giving me an African dress even. I almost thought about
wearing it to church, but then thought better about it because I had
to give the class in Gospel Principles. We ate tons of food, took a
lot of photos, ran a lot, and at the very end of the day our friend
from Argentina, Delia, met us in the bus stop to say good bye.
       Now that I'm in Bibao I feel as though I'm at home. I love the
north and the people here. What an amazing gift!
    Love ,

Hermana Schmidt

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