Monday, May 23, 2016

¡Hola Caballeros y Señoritas!
   This week was a bit crazy with my companion going to Barcelona on
Monday, and having to do a companionship exchange in Vitoria on
Wednesday. Those days and all the times that I got to be in my area
with my companion have been fantastic.
  I love going on companionship exchanges because I learn so much from
the sisters who I with. This week I took a 45 minute bus ride to
Vitoria to be with Hermana Canales. She is from Honduras has been in
the mission for a while now. The first lesson we taught together was
in English to a lady from Nigeria. It was cute to see how Hermana
Canales talked in Spanglish as well as the member who was with us. The
spirit was strong as we testified of the gospel of Jesus Christ and he
importance of baptism.
    We then received a phone call from an investigator saying that she
wanted her baptismal interview that day. We quickly called the
district leader and set up the interview for 7 pm. The interview
lasted for over an hour, but in the end the lady needed a little more
time to overcome her doubts. That was a little sad to hear, but also
understandable. She will be baptized when she is truly prepared to
make that sacred covenant with God.
    It was nice to be back with my companion, Hermana Aguilar, on
Thursday. We get along so well and love to work and have fun doing so.
We are teaching an old Colombian man that looks like the man from UP.
We visited him outside and we had his tiny little dog with him. He
looked so adorable with his little dog. It is a little hard to teach
him because he gets easily distracted, but we love him anyway.
   We talked to a lot of people in the street this week and many were
very nice and many waved their finger at us saying that they were in a
rush. We were walking down one sidewalk and a lady with her little
girl saw us and started to run. We tried to talk to them, but they
didn't have time. My companion and I started to laugh because we had
never seen someone literally run away from us before!
     One person I wanted to talk with was a mother with her child. The
more was following after her son. She didn't hear me when I tried
stopping them, but a man nearby heard and came up to me to see what I
wanted. I though, "well, might as well take advantage of the
opportunity." So I started to talk with him. Turns out he is from
Chile and the husband of the lady I had tried to speak with. When my
companion heard that they were from Chile she got really excited and
we are so excited to start teaching them. Sadly, because of his
studies, work, and friends visiting he family won't have time until
the 15th of June. It was such a miracle to find them though because
that day we had decided to go a different direction then normal and
that is when we found the family.
       I found a patch of grass, on Sunday, that looked so nice that I
couldn't resist but lay down in it. My companion thought it was so
funny that she she started to take pictures of me. I thought I would
make her laugh by making a funny pose and in her cute accent she said,
"Sexy Suunday." I laugh so much with her. Today we went to a place
called San Juan- of some Basque name that I cannot pronounce.- I had
been there before while serving in Santander, but it was fun to go and
is time be the only Gringa. I almost died from the coming back. It was
all up hill!
      I hope that you all have a fantastic week and that you can share
the great message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with your friends and
serve them as well!

¡Os quiero mucho!

Hermana Schmidt
Misión Barcelona España

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