Sunday, May 15, 2016

¡Saludos a todos!
      It was so nice to be able to see my family on Sunday. I'm
grateful for modern technology that allowed me to see my very pregnant
sister and her husband in Utah as well as he rest of my family in
Idaho. I look back on this time while I've been on the mission and see
the blessings that my family has received. I think some of the
greatest things that happened while being gone were the weddings of my
siblings and birth of my nephew and my niece- well the niece will be
born within this week. I love that I came on the mission to help
others come unto Christ and have eternal family and meanwhile my
siblings started their own eternal families.
       Well there have been many tender mercies of he Lord this week.
The first one happened on Wednesday when I went to Santander, my old
area, on a companionship exchange. I was in Santander for five months
and left many friends there, two of which I helped to come unto to
Christ and be baptized. When I arrived in Santander with the Sister
Whittle, we went and visited a less active member and talked to people
on the street. On our way to a meeting with the ward mission leader, I
had a thought to call César and Carolina my recent converts. We had
been trying to get ahold of them for a while now but were never able
to get in contact. This time, though, they answered and said that they
were in Santander. After the meeting, we ran to go and see them. What
a blessing and joy it was to see them and to see that they were still
strong in the faith. I also got to see their little girl and their
newly born baby. They will be going to the temple soon to be sealed
together as a family.
       On Saturday, while walking to a visit, my companion and I
passed by a man taping down arrows to point people to a specific
store. When he saw us he asked if we were missionaries. He was
speaking in English but he was from Bilbao. I asked him where he
learned his English and where had seen missionaries before. He told me
that he had gone to Australia for eight months to learn English, and
while there he also met the missionaries and started listening to what
they had to say. He said it was the happiest time of his life and he
was baptized. Being back in Spain it was hard for him to stay active,
but we now have his number and are able to meet with him to help him
come back. That same day we were just talking to people in the street
when a Nigerian man stopped and asked if we were missionaries.
"Again?" We thought. Turns out the man was also a member who no longer
came to church because of work. We were able to share a short message
with him and invite him to come back to church. He lives in the area
of a different ward, but will now be with the missionaries there.
       Yesterday my companion had to fly to Barcelona to receive her
residency. So, I had a member, Michelle, with me all day. She is from
Argentina and I loved listening to her accent! We found a lot of new
people to teach and at the end of one visit we invited the person whom
we were teaching to offer the closing prayer. Josefina is the name of
this lady, and she is such a sweet African lady. In her prayer she
mentioned a scripture that says "where two a tree are gathered in my
name, there will [the Lord] be also." All those who were present in
that visit felt the spirit confirming of the truthfulness of that
      I love that I get to be a missionary and experience moments such
as these. I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week!

Hermana Schmidt
Misión Barcelona España

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