Saturday, May 7, 2016

Queridos Amigos!
       I'm not sure what to write this week! Everything went by so
quickly with the transfers and meetings that we had. I love my new
area Bilbao. The ward is absolutely fantastic! We have received so
much help from our ward mission leader, our Bishop, and all the other
members. I have never been in a ward, on my mission, that is so well
organized. On Sunday the Bishop introduced himself to all us new
missionaries in the ward and had us all meet together to talk about
the plans that the ward has for missionary work. As the bishop talked
I could tell that he had a love for this work and for all those whom
he served.
      My companion, Hermana Aguilar, is so good about leading us to
all of our visits. We met a man from Africa who was just baptized two
weeks ago. He was huge! I thought to myself that he could be a
bodyguard. As we were teaching him in the park, it started to rain and
so we scurried over to a small restaurant, bought some hot chocolate,
and finished talking there. It is so cold here in Bilbao!
    On Sunday I had to translate for this man from Nigeria, but I
don't think it helped since he probably didn't understand my accent
that much. Even though Nigerians speak English, it's still hard to
communicate with them because of the different accent.
     That night we went to Barcelona for a meeting of all of the
leaders of the mission. Those that are going home usually have to talk
in front of all the other missionaries in the meeting to express what
the Lord has taught them. I was supposed to speak, but it turns out
that there is going to be another meeting in Barcelona for the leaders
in three weeks with a member of the 70. So now I get to speak on front
of a member of the 70. Yay...
    We were supposed to get back into Bilbao around 9:30 at night on
Wednesday, but the plane got delayed two hours and we were stuck in
the airport waiting. By the time we did get back to Bibao, it was 2:30
in the morning and all of us missionaries were so tired. As soon as my
old companion and I got back to our apartment, we fell asleep like a
    Bibao is a gorgeous! I love being able to serve here!  Today I was
with my old Argentinean companion, my Chilean companion and another
sister from Honduras. All these Latinas together made me laugh with
the way they spoke. We had a fun time together looking around Bilbao.
    ¡Os Quiero a todos!

Hermana Schmidt
Misión Barcelona España

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