Sunday, April 24, 2016

¡Hola Familia y Amigos!
  It's amazing how every day we can find little miracles. Hermana
Humbert and I saw many this week! We had such an amazing week, and met
some pretty amazing people who made each day something worth
  On Tuesday we had decided to pass by an investigator, Gloria, whom
the elders had found and that lived in our area. When we rung her
doorbell she was home and we were able to enter. In her home was also
her boy friend who is a recent convert to the church. We had a
fantastic lesson about the plan which God has for his children and she
committed to be baptized! We are very excited to her!  She came to
church this Sunday with her boyfriend and six-year old daughter.
  On Wednesday we had a lesson with our friend Archi, from Georgia,
and had the help of a member. We extended an invitation to Archi to be
baptized and, instead of him refusing, the member did. I was taken
aback at first, but after the lesson talked with the member and asked
her why she did that. She replied saying that she thought we were
rushing him. Then I explained to her that we had been teaching Archi
for a while now and that every day, my companion and I, we pray and
speak about his needs and seek direction from the Lord to know how we
can help him, and had felt that the specific baptismal date would help
him to progress. She understood and we were later able to invite Archi
to be baptized and he accepted the invitation.
   That night, Hermana Humbert had a dentist appointment to have her
wisdom tooth removed. I thought it was going to take a long time, but
surprisingly it only took ten minutes and we were out. The rest of the
night she was stuck with an ice pack up against her face and watched
bible videos.
    The next day we went to the church to have our German classes.
More people seem to be wanting to learn German these days. One day,
someone even started to talk with us on the bus and when she learned
that my companion was from Germany, she was so interested in learning
German that she wrote down our information. Any time something like
this happens, my companion gets a big grin on her face.
  We met a lot of elderly folk this week. One we met while we were
heading back to our apartment and I decided to start to talk with him
and he was so nice! I felt as if I were truly testifying to him and
even though he did not want to learn more, we were able to at least
help him understand a little.
   Saturday started to rain a little, but I've learned that rainy days
are miracle days. We were out just talking to people on the street
when we came across an old man and I decided to stop him. At first he
didn't want anything to do with religion, but after a while he started
to change and invited us to have something to drink. So, we went to
the nearest restaurant and drank hot chocolate while teaching. The
Spanish people are such fantastic people!
    We were expecting to have three of our investigators come to
church yesterday and we left early to even meet with one of them,
Henry, but he was coming late and so we went straight to church.
Halfway through the first hour I saw a missed call from Henry and it
was the perfect moment to leave while everyone was standing up singing
the intermediate hymn. Henry was lost and waiting for help. We went
running to meet up with him and made it back to the church just as the
song was ending. It was so great to see that all of those three people
were at church!
   I loved experiencing these small miracles throughout the week! It
was a testimony to me that this is the Lord's work and we are simply
the instruments in his hands.

The work is going great!

Hermana Schmidt
Misión Barcelona España

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