Sunday, April 17, 2016

¡Buenos Días!
     The days are flying by. Two days were spent in the apartment with
a sick companion. The others were spent with president interviews,
companionship exchanges, and of course the normal proselyting of
     On Wednesday we went to the church to have our interviews with
president. It was Hermana Humbert's first time and she was very
excited. When President called me into his office, he greeted me,
asked how I was doing, and then stated that I had little time left on
the mission and asked how I was adjusting. I honestly hadn't been
thinking about it and just told him that it didn't feel real
whatsoever. His wife also pulled me aside afterwards and asked what I
was doing to prepare myself for the change. I didn't know I was
supposed to be preparing myself, but when she started sharing a
message about faith and Christlike attributes I knew that Heavenly
Father had been preparing me all along through personal scripture
study and prayer. It still doesn't feel real. I feel like I will be a
missionary forever, but the thought of not having to wear a skirt
everyday does sound amazing.
     After the interviews, I went on a companionship exchange with
Hermana Laine who is from Finland. She is a fantastic missionary and
we saw so many miracles. We passed by the apartment of an old
investigator and instead an middle aged man opened. We introduced who
we were and he opened up to us and expressed his desire to want to
know that God existed. When we testified of Jesus Christ and His
Atonement, the man started to cry. He said that he felt bad for
mistakes which he had made in the past and wanted to feel peace. We
testified of cleansing power of the Atonement of forgiveness. It was
such such a powerful experience and when we left we felt the spirit so
strongly. We talked to some people on the street before getting on the
bus, and on the way saw some people ahead of us walking their dogs.
One of the dogs started to walk really funny all of he sudden and we
let out a little laugh. As we passed these people they acted as if
they were offended we would laugh at their dog. We walked passed, but
then feeling awful for what we had done, turned around and apologized.
We learned that the dog was sick and that's why it had been walking
funny. We told them how sorry we were for having laughed. Afterwards
we felt really good for having done that.
       Thursday morning we left early to go to some visits with our
more progressing investigators. Our first visit was amazing as we
taught about the plan of Salvation. When talking about Jesus Christ,
we read in Alma 7:11-14, and asked what he thought of those verses. He
told us that in order to receive the peace he was looking for he
needed to be baptized..... Yes! We were not expecting that answer, but
were very content about it. He is now planning to be baptized on the
30th of this month.
     Saturday we went and played soccer at the church with some
non-members, members, and missionaries. It was a sunny day and my face
got a little burnt. The next day, Sunday, all the members were
pointing out how red my face was. Hopefully it turns into a tan. I
have more freckles on my nose now. We were also invited to share a
short message in young women's about the restoration. It went really
well. I loved being in young women's again!
     Today we went around the old part of Zaragoza and visited the old
cathedrals and walked down the very Spanish streets with the other
sisters who live with us. We stopped in one little shop of scarfs. It
was just us four sister missionaries in the store and the young lady
working their. I started to make conversation with the worker, and
that naturally opened up the topic of what we do as missionaries. She
said that she used to go to church a lot more in her country,
Columbia, but since she had moved here she had stopped. We all invited
her to come to church and got her number. Before leaving I taught her
a little bit about the Book of Mormon and gave her one. She was so
grateful, and said that she would start reading it that very day. She
lives in the Elders area, but are so excited to see her at church!
There have been so many tender mercies this week! God is great.

¡Os Quiero Mucho!

Hermana Schmidt
Misión Barcelona España


  1. What a great week for you and your companions.

  2. What a great week for you and your companions.