Sunday, April 10, 2016

Querida Familia,
        I love General Conference weekend! It amazes me how many of
the things which were said, were things which I had been studying
these past couple of months, and everything seemed to just click in my
mind and make sense. I truly believe that as we do our daily personal
study of the scriptures, the Lord prepares us to listen the words of
his chosen servants and receive a confirmation that what we have
learned is true.
     On Tuesday we had our preparation day, and my companion and I
went to the A Castle found here in Zaragoza that is actually named in
the 26th chapter of the second book of Don Quijote. It was a castle
founded by the Muslim people that later on in the fourteenth century
was taken over by the Catholics and added onto. The architecture was
very interesting, and of course my favorite part was the courtyard
where they had orange fruit trees, red flowers, and a really
interesting irrigation system. That afternoon I had taken off my
jacket which had my name tag clipped onto it. I didn't even realize I
wasn't wearing my name tag until we were headed back to our apartment.
Typical Hermana Schmidt thing to do. Well, it's not the name tag that
makes the missionary, but I do prefer wearing it that's for sure.
      Wednesday, we had a meeting with all the missionaries in our
zone and I had been asked to speak for seven minutes about the
blessings we receive as we are valiant missionaries. Seven minute
talks are my specialty. It went well and I saw some ways which I could
improve, but I think everyone understood. One thing that I learned was
that to be a valiant missionary means to be a missionary that has the
courage to do what is right. I believe that this applies to everyone
that as we are obedient or act with courage to do what is right, we
can be sure the Lord's promised blessing will come.
      It has been another week where my companion has gotten sick. I
feel like I might have hold up a sign on transfer days saying:
"Welcome to your next six weeks of hospital visits and sick days."
Poor Hermana Humbert is feeling the truthfulness of that saying. She
has a wisdom tooth that she did not have removed before the mission
and that started to hurt her. We went to the dentist and had a
radiography done  to see what was wrong. She seems to have an
infection going on in the root of her wisdom tooth that is making her
gum swell and causing it to hurt. We called the mission presidents
wife to let her know and then set up an appointment to have the wisdom
tooth removed. Fantastic! Except for now my companion is sick with the
common cold and the visit is on Tuesday. We will be changing that.
      Despite my companion being sick, we were still able to go to he
church and watch general conference. We had passed by an
investigator's house beforehand and found his two children instead.
The daughter was sixteen and we were able to share with her our
message on the doorstep. At the end, the cute little eight year old
brother came and offered the closing prayer. We are very excited to be
able to visit them again.
    Before the Conference started we enjoyed lunch with the ward
members outside of the church building, in the nice spring air. Sister
del Solar, a senior missionary, pulled me off to the side for a second
and said, "Hermana Schmidt, I have been meaning to tell you this for a
while, but everyday you look more and more beautiful." I looked down
at my body thinking that I had not lost weight, and when she saw that
she said, "No, it's as if you have a greater light about you and it's
noticeable in your countenance." That was so sweet of her to say and I
wanted to just give her a tight hug for her kindness. The senior
missionary couple, Los del Solar, had made some chicken and french
fries and shared it with us missionaries. One of the elders got really
excited to eat and, as a joke, Elder del Solar gave him one fry. The
reaction of the young missionary made Elder del Solar laugh, which
made all of us laugh. We love the senior missionary couple here.
    Afterwards all of us missionaries watched the conference in
English, except for my companion who was able to watch it in German on
her iPad. When Mark Pace was called to be a member of the seventy, all
of us missionaries with more time on the mission gave a little woot
because he had been our mission president before. Today all of the
missionaries went to the church to watch the final season of
conference. My companion and I were not able to go because my
companion is still too sick to get out of bed. So, today I believe I
will be doing a lot of drawing and developing talents.
     I have been learning this week about softening a hardened heart
and as I was listening to conference I learned a little bit about that
subject. There is a hymn that says, "because I have been given much I
too must give." I had always thought that what we had been given was
something like a good family, a home, health, etc..., but as I
listened to Henry B. Eyring in the Women's Session I learned that what
all of us have been given is the Atonement of Jesus Christ. As we
apply the atonement into our lives and feel that peace and
forgiveness, we have a greater desire to serve others thereby
retaining a remission of our sins and keeping us humble and our hearts
softened and more receptive to the whispers of the spirit.
    I'm very grateful for my Savior and for a living prophet and
apostles who testify of Him. I know He lives, and I know a he can
soften a hardened heart.

   ¡Os Quiero Mucho!

Hermana Schmidt
Misión Barcelona España

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