Tuesday, March 29, 2016

    We had a great Easter week. I loved being able to testify of our
Savior Jesus Christ during this week to all those with whom I came in
contact. It's something that we do everyday as missionaries, but this
week I felt that my testimony was strengthened even more and I became
much grateful for the sacrifice which Christ made for all of us.
    We found a young man on the street on Tuesday, since he didn't
have much time at the moment to talk we took down his phone number and
set up another day to see him. When the day came and he was actually
there we were so happy. He said that he had heard a lesson from he
missionaries before when he was in the military in Ecuador. He has
only been in Spain for a week and when we taught him it was as if he
had been prepared to hear this message. He wanted to come to church,
but sadly when Sunday came he had slept in because he hadn't realized
there was a time change. NOOO! Next week he can come to general
conference though.
    I'm so proud of my companion! We were in a visit with our
Argentinean investigator and were accompanied by a member who was a
returned sister missionary. My companion wasn't speaking for the first
part of the lesson and our investigator was explaining how she didn't
agree with some commandments, so the returned missionary and I were
teaching her and then she asked us a question:"What does it mean to
you to follow God?" I looked at my companion and waited for her to
answer, and the answer she gave was exactly what was needed to help
our investigator understand. She said that, for her, following God
wasn't always simple and sometimes she has the desire to not be
obedient, but she fights against those feelings and keeps the
commandments because she knows that God knows better than her of what
will make her happy. My jaw dropped and I was so proud of her in that
moment for listening so closely to the spirit. Our investigator
understood and committed to truly read the Book and Pray to know if it
is true.
    I went to Barcelona for a Leadership Council and stayed the night
in the mission office with the other Sister Training Leaders. It was a
blast to be able to see old companions and people that I knew. I loved
what we were taught and of course the food was fantastic. My poor
companion was stuck at the train station waiting for the other sister
to arrive, but she had gotten off at the wrong stop. We figured things
out though and it turned out fine.

Love you all! Hope you all have a great week and prepare to listen to
General Conference!

Hermana Schmidt
Misión Barcelona España

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