Sunday, March 20, 2016

¡Hola Familia y Amigos!
   It's been a really good week with lots of sun and also some days
with lots of rain, but overall we've had a lot of success. The other
sister missionaries scared me, there was a barbecue, and so many
   My companion and I are trying to plan out our days better by
planning which streets we will be proselyting on, or which people we
will try and pass time, etc... We knew that if we did this we would
have a lot more success and God could place prepared people in our
   Wednesday morning we had our day all planned out and we noticed it
was raining. My companion looked at me and said, "can we just make
phone calls instead?" I then just replied by saying that with
sacrifice always comes blessings, and there were so many blessings! We
passed an old investigator and he was at home. We were able to teach
him on his doorstep and invite him to come to church. He did end up
coming to church that Sunday. Then, while walking in the planned
street, we found an Spanish lady with her child entering into there
apartment and stopped to talk to them. We shared with her a little
about our message and she accepted to receive more visits from us.
      More people are wanting to learn German and now we teach three
women. I have a goal to be able to share my testimony in German by the
end of these six weeks. "Jesus Christus ist mein Erlöser" that's all I
know so far.
       We were walking home to our apartment and I was talking with my
companion and didn't even realize that the other Sisters were right
behind me. They scared me good as they ran behind us and shouted. I
screamed, but Hermana Humbert stayed calm. Hermana Humbert is actually
gaining so much more confidence. Whenever we go proselyting with a
member she will do role plays and teach the member. She is getting
very good at stopping the people on the street.
     It's snowing a little bit today! I made some Rosquillas for the
older missionary couple in ward and will be dropping them off at there
house because they had a loss of a loved one recently. I love the
senior missionary couple. I get a new recipe from them every week. Now
I know how to make churros and Croquetas.

I love this work, I love this people, and I love Spain!

Hermana Schmidt
Misión Barcelona España

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