Sunday, March 13, 2016

¡Buenos Días!
      It's transfers again and I'm staying in Zaragoza with Hermana
Humbert, mi bebe. One of the sisters in my apartment ended her mission
and will be leaving to go home, and coming to Zaragoza fill her spot
is a sister from Finland! There is so much different culture in our
apartment. I love it! I received another call from president this
transfer asking if I would be willing to serve as a Sister Training
Leader. Of course I accepted. It will be interesting because I will
have to speak in front of our zone once a month and all who came to my
farewell talk know that speaking in front of large groups is not one
of my strengths, but if president thinks I can do it than I will do my
    We had a zone meeting this week and were taught about the Word of
Wisdom and how to help our investigators understand it. It was a nice
day outside and as an activity we split into groups, each group having
to eat a bowl full of fruit as fast as possible while the other groups
were cheering. I was in the last group and we had to eat melon. MELON!
I ate it for the team, and it was strange because I don't normally
like melon, but it actually didn't taste to bad. All girls were
holding my hair back for me and everyone was so loud cheering us on.
In the last room was a bowl of celery and everyone had to participate.
It went from being really loud and everyone cheering, to everyone in
silence with only the sound of celery being chewed. No one even even
like celery, but we did it for the team. The senior missionary couple
made some Spanish treats called rosquillas and gave me the recipe to
make them. My recipe book is getting pretty full!
    We read the Book of Mormon in German with one of our
investigators. I'm able to kind of understand their conversations, and
companion is helping me with reading in german.
      With a member family and their little children we taught the 10
commandments by playing a memory game, and the little girls got really
into it. It was so cute to see them all getting excited about learning
and playing the game, and everyone participated so that was even
   I'm so proud of my companion. One night we were walking back to our
apartment and saw the other sisters coming as well. So we hid behind
the gate. When they came around, my companion yelled which made the
other sisters scream and jump. I'm teaching her so well. But, really I
am so surprised by how amazing my companion is. Yesterday we were in a
lesson teaching a man from Africa who speaks English, and she was just
pulling out scriptures to answer his questions. She is so smart, and
the scriptures that she used helped the spirit to testify.
    We seemed to be in the right place at the right time again this
week and were able to find more people that are so prepared to listen
to this message. Thank you so much for your prayers.

¡Os quiero mucho!

Hermana Schmidt
Misión Barcelona España

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