Thursday, March 24, 2016

¡Hola Familia!
   It's finally starting to warm up and so of course to celebrate the
nice weather we had a barbecue and played baseball with all the
missionaries in Zaragoza. We didn't actually have a baseball or a bat
so we used our hands and a tennis ball. I made it back to home base a
couple of times, but in the end I just took videos and photos of
    I did my first companionship exchange with a sister missionary
Ledida. It was a two hour train ride because I was put on the long way
around. I loved it though because I could just enjoy the scenery. On
the train ride home a young man sat down in front of me and we began a
conversation. He started to ask me about the name tag I wear and that
lead into the perfect opportunity to share about the church. I ended
up teaching him the whole restoration and gave him a Book of Mormon. I
had been praying for an opportunity to share a Book of Mormon on the
train ride and was so happy when it actually happened.
   Normally, every Thursday my companion and I go to a rest home to
sing for for an elderly woman of our ward. We have loved to sing and
hear stories of her past. On Wednesday morning we assisted at her
funeral service. The cemetery was beautiful with its old architecture,
but the wild cats were a bit creepy. We had to run from the funeral to
another visit where we were able to invite a man to be baptized.
  Just now, we were on the bus with all of the missionaries heading
home and an elderly man started to talk with us. I had a Book of
Mormon in my hand and we started to explain to him what it was. When
we were all getting off I asked him if he would like the book and
invited him to read it. He accepted!

This week has been great! Hope you all have a great Easter weekend!

Hermana Schmidt
Misión Barcelona España

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