Sunday, November 29, 2015

¡Hola a todos!

    It's becoming really cold here in Santander. My poor companion
doesn't have a coat and so we will be buying her one today. It has
been raining like crazy these past two days and we have been soaked
through. On Saturday was when it started to become really cold and
rainy. We needed to go to a pueblo to visit a little girl who was
recently baptized. The walk from the bus station to her house was
about forty minutes in the wind and rain. Luckily it wasn't raining
hard at this point. My companion and I had a lot of fun though. Sunday
was about the same. All of the visits we had planned cancelled on us,
but the great thing about the weather being like this is that there
are more people in their houses. We called a widow in our ward to see
if we could visit her. We were already at her door when we called, but
we told her we would be there in five minutes so that she could get
ready if needed. I love visiting the older ladies in the ward. They
love to talk, but it's okay because I love to listen.
      Here in Spain there are a lot of people from South America and
they are so receptive to here about our message, but I have gotten in
a habit of only talking with only South American's and so I made a
goal to talk with more spaniards this week. We were blessed to find
three girls that are from Spain, and they are all really young. One of
them is only 16 and when we visited her it was the night of the
Barcelona vs. Madrid fútbol. We had our lesson on the doorway of an
apartment building. She was so good! She brought questions and
     One day we visited another widow in our ward who does not see
very well, and she had made a tortilla de patata for us. We were
fasting that day and so I had to explain why we were not able to eat,
but we gladly wrapped it up to eat it the next day. When we saw it the
next day we realized that it had not been cooked all of the way, so we
felt very blessed that we had not had eat it the day before. We cooked
it the rest of the way and ate it. I love tortilla de patata!
     It's amazing how, as a missionary, you can go from having a blank
day to having a day completely full of things to do. We had one day
where all we had to do was a list of pass-by plans. But, by the end of
the day we had done a service project, found an awesome new
investigator, saw some recent converts and members.
     The little girl of our recent converts can now say Hermana. That
was exciting.
   This week has been full of miracles! I love the mission! They still
call me Amish here haha, as well as Catniss.  Some things never

¡Os quiero!

Hermana Schmidt
Misión Barcelona España

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