Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Hey everyone!
  So just about five minutes ago I saw a double rainbow! That was pretty sweet. I will send the picture so that you all can see it. We went to the castle again today because my companion has not seen it before and it her birthday week after all... Do you have any ideas of things I could do for her birthday to make it a memorable one? 
   Yesterday we were walking to a member's house who lives pretty far away, and close to a large field. Out of nowhere, we saw a horse come around the corner with a little boy on top. That was unexpected and I'm sure our faces showed our surprise. The little boy took the horse out running, and when we told the member about it she told us that the gypsies live on that part of Santander. I have always heard about the gypsies, but have seen very few. Now I know where there village is at, and guess what! It's right around where the new church building is going up. 
    We had exchanges again with the sister training leaders this week. This whole week has been a lot of talking with people on the street, but no one wanting to listen, but a blessing when we got to Carolina and Cesar's house. Their niece, who is 19, was there, and we were able to teach about the Plan of Salvation. She had a lot of good questions and has already been to church once. We have a lot of hope for her. 
   Alba, the girl that plays the cool instrument, brought me her cello to play. I just need to buy a string and I will be able to play it for church meetings! I don't know how I get so blessed.
   I was studying a talk by Quentin L. Cook this morning and he talked about being temple worthy in all times. A quote that I liked from it was: 
“self-control is like a muscle: the more you use it, the stronger it gets. Avoiding something tempting once will help you develop the ability to resist other temptations in the future.”- Dr. Walter Mischel
     It's true what is said. As we work our self control and achieve our goals, or resist temptations we will have more confidence and be more happy and who doesn't want happiness.
Love you all!

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