Thursday, July 30, 2015

Hola everyone!
   This week we did a lot of traveling to different meetings and
lessons. As I travelled to Bilbao, I saw a lot of beautiful country
side and old Spanish houses with red roofs. The flowers here are
amazing with their vibrant coloring and the way they hang over the old
Spanish walls. I'm so lucky to be here.
  We went to "La Magdalena" last week for preparation day and saw sea
lions, penguins and other other animals as well as the castle of
Magdalena. We went with some youth from our ward and played capture
the flag and other games with them. The youth here love to spend time
with the missionaries, and since their are only four missionaries in
Santander we spend most of our preparation days going to the fun sites
that the members know about and can take us there. I love our small
ward and the members here.
    We had our Mini MTC last night and talked about sharing the gospel
with our friends. To finish, we had a little testimony meeting and I
started. I remember how nervous I used to be to share my testimony in
front of an audience, but, as I saw the nervous faces of the youth, I
thought to myself that sharing my testimony is really not that hard to
do. It's what I know to be true. We share our testimonies everyday as
missionaries and by doing so I have felt my testimony grow. All of the
youth shared their testimonies even though they were nervous, and the
testimonies that they have are powerful.
   On Fridays we have a Family Home Evening with the ward where we
read from the Book of Mormon and have a game and refreshments. This
past Friday was the first time that it was going to be outside at the
park. My companion and I were going with our investigator, Carolina,
in the bus and it started to rain. We were almost to the park when the
Elders told us that we would be having the activity in the church. So
we got off at the next bus stop to change buses and go back to the
church. We were there for about 30 minutes before the bus finally
came. Our investigator has a little girl that is almost 2 and she did
not like the long wait. We finally got o. The bus, but it took us all
around Santander for about another 50 minutes. We weren't able to go
to the activity in the end, and we were all exhausted, including the
little girl who had finally fallen asleep in here stroller. We went
and got hot chocolate instead. It turned out really good though
because our investigator asked us some really good questions and we
talked a lot about families and because the power of God has been
restored we can be with our families for eternity. When she came to
church on Sunday we had more lessons about the families and she
participated and after church we invited her to be baptized. She wants
to be with her family for eternity. She and her husband are absolutely
   There are many miracles happening everyday here. I hope that you
all are seeing the blessings in your life. Love you all.

Hermana Schmidt

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