Sunday, August 16, 2015

  Hello Everybody,
 There are a lot of fun things that happened this week. One day we were going to a ward activity and our investigator family was driving us there is in their car. The husband seemed really happy, and told us that the night before that he had gone into his room by himself to pray to God to know if what we were teaching him was true and if it was the right path for him and his family. He then said,"I received my answer, and I know that it is true." This family has such a great desire, and are going to be baptised within the month. Next year they want to go to the temple and be sealed together for eternity. The husband had to go to work, so he dropped us off and left. After the activity, we decided we wanted to have some churros and hot chocolate because it had been raining and we were cold. So, with the wife, Carolina, we went in the bus to go look for a churro store. The one that we wanted to go to was closed, and we were a little lost getting there. We then ran to a different churro restaurant to get there before that one closed as well. After all the running we weren´t so cold but still wanted to have churros if we had worked so hard to get them. At the restaurant there was some crazy guy and the police were trying to get him out of there. We just wanted churros though, and finally were able to get them with 10 minutes to spare.
   I was going to give a talk in church, and had my talk prepared and everything, but at the last minute the Bishop changed the schedule and I didn´t have to speak. I´m not going to lie, I was a bit relieved. I had been studying prayer, and that has actually helped a lot in the lessons that we have had this week, so I am grateful that I had studied it even though I didn´t get to share it with the ward. At church we had our three investigators with a baptismal date come. In the gospel principles class we talked about repentance and Carolina participated and really applied the lesson into her life. She has a little girl that has a lot of character and like a normal child, she doesn´t listen. One time the little girl burnt herself on the stove and afterwards ran to her mom more humble and her mom helped her to heal her burnt hand. Carolina applied this to repentance. Sometimes we as children of our Heavenly Father don´t listen to the commandments that God has given us and get burnt, but as we humbly come before our Heavenly Father in prayer and ask for forgiveness He is there to help us heal.
    Today we are going to hang out with our investigators. It´s the birthday of Orlando and so we will be going to eat with him and the missionaries. Carolina and Cesar want us to come over and have brownies and icecream with the Elders as well. The amazing thing is how untied we have become as a ward and as missionaries of this ward. We are all friends here to support one another and help them to come unto Christ. 
    I hope you all have a great week and remember those of your friends who have partaken of the fruit of the Gospel, but right now have fallen away. Please help them to feel of that joy that they have once felt. I love you all.

Hermana Schmidt

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