Friday, August 28, 2015

Hola a todos!
  On preparation day last week, we received a text from Carolina saying that her husband, Cesar, had felt a strong desire to read the Book of Mormon and wanted to know if we could come to their house during the week and read with them. I felt impressed that we should go to their house that day even though it was only 4:30 and we still had more time to rest. My companion and I decided that we were not doing anything important and said to Carolina that we would be at their house by 6pm. When we arrived, Cesar explained how he had been praying a lot and felt impressed to read in Moroni. He didn't know why Moroni, and really didn't even know who Moroni was, but he felt a strong impression that he needed to start reading from there, and so that is exactly what we did. We stopped at chapter 6 and we left feeling very good. 
  Friday came and we visited Cesar and Carolina to read from where we had left off. Cesar began talking with us and said that he knew he wanted to be baptized, but it wouldn't be until December because of some doubts that he wanted to resolve. When he said that we were heart broken because we knew that we wouldn't be there to see the baptism of this beautiful family who we knew were prepared. We began to read in Moroni 7, and the spirit that was there was the strongest that I have ever felt during my time in the mission. The doubts that Cesar had were all answered and he began to share with us his testimony and said that he would be baptized that day if he could. My companion and I looked at each other and knew what we needed to say. We told them that we had been praying for them and had felt that they would be prepared to be baptized on the 20th of September. Cesar looked to see what day it would be then looked at us and said, "Yes, I will be baptized on that day." Carolina jumped up out of her seat and ran to gave Cesar a hug and a kiss. Our eyes were filled with tears and our hearts full of joy as we left their house that night, and what a joyful experience it was when Cesar asked the Second Counselor, who has become a great friend, to baptize him. 
    God really does hear and answer our prayers. I know that the Book of Mormon was written for us and that the spirit testifies to us of the truth. I know that through the Book of Mormon we can receive answers to our prayers. 
      On Sunday a member from California was visiting to do a concert with some friends that he has here. He brought one of his friends, who lives in one of the pueblos we visit, and during the last hour his friend played an instrument called "rabél." It looks kinda of like a viola, but with only three strings and you play it like a cello. It is a traditional instrument here and sounds like Celtic music. I loved it so much. I will send you the video of her playing next week. I am going to learn that instrument I have decided. :) 
       Life is good. Love you all!
         Hermana Schmidt

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  1. Sister Schmidt! You look beautiful! I'm so thrilled to hear how well you are doing! Can't wait to see YOU playing that instrument! You are learning so many things. The girls sent you a card this week. They still have all the little cards you made together, I'm just trying to figure out how to mail all the different sizes:). So those may come here and there. They sure miss your influence- and they are growing! Sydney is in 4th grade this year- it's so nice to know your mom is at the school. She loves her, and I feel like there is someone there watching out for her :). And Macy is in 2nd grade- I can hardly believe it. Love you! Keep writing! We love it! Next time, I'll have the girls read on the big computer and maybe they can comment on their own:).