Sunday, August 23, 2015

¡Buenos Días!
       Well you would think that, after eight months of being on a
mission, putting my name tag on would be a habit. But, there was a day
this week that we had a day full of visits and would not be able to
return to the apartment until 10 at night, and as we were heading to
our first visit we had to go down in an elevator full of people. While
in the elevator I saw the name tag of my companion and reached to see
if I had mine on. My companion saw my face as I realized I had left
the apartment without wearing my name tag and began to laugh. The
whole day I went without it and tried to resist the temptation of
reaching for where my name tag should have been. Our investigators had
a good laugh too.
      My companion was sick this week again, and for three days we
were stuck in piso. As she slept I studied. Everyone here seems to be
talking about the prophesies that are found in Revelation and are
worried about the end of the world. That stuff has never worried me
before. I have always known that if we do our best everyday and repent
of our downfalls that we do not need to worry, but during this time
that my companion was sick I decided to read and study Revelation and
it was really interesting.
   Carolina and Cesar, our investigator family, are doing really well.
We keep having Family Home Evenings with them and the ward members.
Their little girl, Joanet, has started humming the hymns as we sing
and every time after we say a prayer  she always claps. Cesar had a
dream that he was a missionary with us and that we were in Peru
teaching the gospel to his father. They know that this is true and are
doing there best so that they can be baptized within the next month.
  One day we were passing by some less active members with a young
women helping us. As we passed by an apartment building this young
woman said that she had visited a woman there before with the other
sister missionaries before us. We decided that if the less active was
not home we would go pass by this investigator, and that's exactly
what happened. The less active wasn't home and as we were headed
towards the apartment of the investigator we saw a man with a bouquet
of flowers and was bringing them to this woman we were going to visit.
He let us in and we waited until he came back down the elevator from
dropping off the flowers and then went to visit the woman. She was
very kind and said that she still wanted to learn more. That was a
miracle how it all worked out.
    We have had many lessons this week where we felt like we needed to
read the Book of Mormon with our investigators and it has been amazing
to see how our investigators are learning to apply the principles that
they learn into their life. I am also amazed at the spirit that we
have felt as we have read with our friends. I am so grateful that we
have the Book of Mormon in our days. I know that it is true and that
as we read it we can receive answers to our prayers and feel peace in
our lives.
  I hope you all have an amazing week and that you see the blessings
of God in your life. I love you all.
   Hermana Schmidt

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