Sunday, July 12, 2015

Hey Everyone!
  I have been transfered San Ander! It´s so beautiful here and I´m the 5th sister missionary that has been here. The ward loves the sisters. My companion is Hermana Rica from Argentina. She is so funny and the two of us already get along as if we had known each other forever. 
   Our new Mission President and his wife arrived last week. When we had a conference to introduce them, they sand us a song that they had made up themselves. They are amazing and they already know all of our names. I should get better about that haha. I can sometimes barely remember my companions name. I love my companions though. =)
    I went on exchanges with a different Sister Missionary and as we got on the bus to go to our area, the bus decided it was hungery and ate the Sister´s ticket. I coulnd´t help but laugh. We ended up having to walk everywhere else that day until we could go to the metro station and get her a new metro ticket. 
   We had one baptism this week of our investigator, Maria, who is the daughter of a member that is becoming active in the church again. When Maria shared her testimony she was so happy and her testimony was so strong. I was amazed. I´m so glad that I got to be there for her baptism.      There was also a baptism of a man from the other ward that I got to teach twice because I was on exchanges. He was so prepared and was baptised on the 4th. In his testimony he talked about the three angels that taught him the gospel and I was one of them. I wasn´t expecting that, but I was glad I got to help him learn the gospel.
   We had a Kareoke activity on the 4th as well. All of the American missionaries sang the United States National Anthem. =) I also sang with my companion in front of the crowd. That was embarrassing! I never thought that I would do that in my life. Our Bolivian investigator sang as well and all of the members loved him. They are now inviting them over to have a family home evening in their home. 
    I love that I had the opportunity to serve in Barcelona. I remember that whenever I first got there, there were almost no one that we were teaching, and by the time I left we were seeing so much success. 
   I hope that you are all having a fun summer and that you all find an opportunity to serve and share the gospel with your friends. I know that God loves all of his children and that this gospel can bless each and everyone of our lives and the lives of our friends. 
  Love you all!
Hermana Schmidt

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