Monday, July 20, 2015

Hola everyone!
   This week was full of miracles I don't even know where to start. We
have three baptisms coming up this next month. My companion and I have
decided that we need to do something about all the weight we have
gained on the mission, we had people come to church, I went on
exchanges in Bilbloa, and I met some people from Scotland.
   My companion and I had a visit with one of our investigators, but
as we rung her doorbell she answered through he intercom and said that
she couldn't meet with us. That was a bummer, but we had a plan B, and
started walking towards the apartment of another building. On our way
we talked with people on the sidewalk, but they didn't want to listen.
My companion and I both saw a man walking down the sidewalk in our
direction. We both felt prompted to stop and talk to him. As we got to
know him we found out that he believed in God and before he used to go
to church, but then work got in the way. Now he doesn't have to work
on the weekends and wants to start going to church again. He started
to ask about what we believe and asked if in the church we baptized.
We pretty much explained the restoration, the plan of salvation, and
the gospel of Jesus Christ as we talked to him, and I felt like I
should ask him to be baptized. My companion felt it as well because
she looked over at me and said "baptism." So I asked him to be
baptized on the 8 of August. He accepted and this past Sunday he came
to church. He loved it. The members love him and have already invited
him to activities.
    Our other investigator that has a baptismal date is the cousin of
a girl who was just baptized on Saturday. She is a lot more receptive
to the gospel and her dad is a lot more accepting of his daughter's
choice to learn about the gospel and get baptized. She is also helping
us to lose weight. Every morning we go running together around 6am. We
are also going to spend time with her and her cousin today and go to a
little town called Magdalena.
    On Thursday nights we have English classes and so my companion and
I went early to prepare the class. While we were there an elderly
couple knocked on the door. My companion opened the door and the lady
asked if she spoke English. Turns out that he was from Scotland and
she was from England. They have been living in the south of Spain for
8 years but don't speak much Spanish. They are members and love to see
missionaries whenever they travel. They were praying that they would
get to see some missionaries while they were here, and lucky for me I
got to meet them. I loved that I got to meet someone from Scotland. He
even said the Scottish phrase that my dad would always say. We laughed
and had a good time, and when they came to church on Sunday I got to
help them understand what was going on.
    Hope you all have had a fantastic week. I hope that you are all
finding ways to share your testimonies with others. I was reading a
conference talk by our Prophet. He quoted the Apostle Peter who said,
"Be ready to give an answer to every man that a asketh you a reason of
the hope that is in you." You are an example to everyone and others
can see the light that is within you. Don't be afraid to share it with
others. :)

Hermana Schmidt

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