Tuesday, February 24, 2015

¡Hola Familia y Amigos!

   So this week passed be super fast, and I´m trying to remember what happened. We had a two day Specialized Training with the President of the Barcelona Mission. That was super awesome. We learned a lot about how to be consecrated missionaries. I love the First Presidency´s message from this past month about "having a testimony and being truly converted." I´ve learned that I can have a testimony of something, but as I´ve taught these truths to others I have started to become truly converted, and my knowledge and understanding of these truths has grown. It´s amazing how when we share the Gospel with other´s, our testimonies grow. 
   Sometimes I feel like I have to companions. One is my trainer who I absolutely adore. The other is a girl that was in the MTC with me. One a week the Hermana from the MTC and I are together because our companions are on exchanges with other sisters. It seems that every time that we are together that all of our appointments cancel on us and we do pass by´s and contact. We were knocking doors one time with a member who is about to go on a mission. At one of the doors was a guy who had heard about the church before, but as we were talking to him he was definitely drunk and hitting on the member. I felt awful for her, and got us out of there as quickly as we could. 
  We were also talking with a guy on the street, when his friend came by and distracted us by talking to us, and the next moment they were both running away. We were so confused because of how fast it all happened, and for a moment we just stood there like "what?" Then I just started laughing because that just seemed like something you only see in movies. 
  The members love to feed us, and every time we eat at a members house it is always rice and chicken. I love it though!  Every time we are on our way to a dinner appointment my companion will ask, "what do you think we will eat tonight?" and I will always guess rice. I´m right almost 99% of the time. 
  I love the area that I am in. It´s fun to see how much my testimony has grown, but it´s even better to see the growth of the people we are teaching. Sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ is amazing.

Love you all!

Hermana Schmidt

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  1. Sister Schmidt! I feel so bad! The girls wrote you letters so long ago, and they have been in my cupboard! Mommy fail. But I will get them out- they actually have been asking to do it again. They sealed their envelopes, so I don't even know what they wrote, ha! Thank you so much for the postcard- it was so fun for all of us!!! We love to hear your stories here! The Deans