Thursday, January 29, 2015

¡Hola Mi Familia y Amigas!

   Well, I´m in Barcelona now! I live close to La Sagrada Familia. It´s the huge cathedral that they have been building for over 100 years now. We plan on going inside next week. So you all think I look tired?? Well that is probably because I am. The first few days were crazy, and we didn´t get to sleep for the whole 8 hours, and everyone only speaks spanish and my mind wants to turn off. Church was a struggle to stay awake during, but I did! I didn´t understand hardly anything though. I´m sure I look like a zombie half of the time. I think the language exhausts me more then anything, but I´m not to worried about it. I got a little nap today which was very much needed. 
  The members here are so awesome! Last night we had two members come out with us. One was just a young man who came up to us oneSunday and asked us if he could help. It was awesome! He helped to street contacting and we got a new investigator because of it. Whenever the members and the missionaries work together everything is possible. 
  They don´t only speak Spanish here, but they also speak Catalan. So some people instead of saying Adios will say Adeo which sounds really similar to Ateo which means Athiest. I get confused, but I´m learning. My district only speaks spanish as well, so I definitely have to learn by the spirit. Most of the time I´m not really sure what we are doing throughout the day so I just follow my companion around. But, as I´ve been obedient I have been blessed to actually kind of understand what is going on now. I´m glad my companion has patience haha.
   I´m always tired but I´m always happy. The work of God is amazing. It´s amazing to see all of the little miricles that happen everyday. So in my mission we go to bed at 11:30 and wake up at 7:30. There are four Sisters in our very large piso. Two of us are new and our trainers are also Sister training leaders. So on Monday they had a meeting and the other new Hermana and I had to work together. You can imagine how that could go. Neither of us speak spanish very well but we found where our appointments were without getting lost. Our appointments fell through, so we contacted on the street and everyone rejected us. That was disappointing, but we knew that we were being obedient and that the Lord would bless us. We had McDonalds for lunch! Tasted American haha! Our trainers finally returned after a couple of more hours, and that´s whenever we got the members to come with us. See! God did bless us for all of our hard work. 
I hope you all are having fun! Thanks for the prayers!

Te quiero much!
Hermana Schmidt

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