Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hola Mi Familia y Amigos, 
This week has been interesting. I passed out
my first Book of Mormon at the park. It was to an old gentlemen who is
an atheist...kind of. My companion tried to give it to him twice, and
finally, at the very end of our conversation, I felt impressed to try
one more time. I bore my testiomy about the importance of the book in
my life and if he would just read it to know for himself if it is true
he would receive an answer. I could see a change in him after that. He
took the book, and said ¨For you, I will read this book.¨ It is
amazing how much power a simple testimony can have. I hope that he
does read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. Then all the
missionaries sang in the park, and whenever we were singing ¨I am a
Child of God¨ all these little children came and listened. It was the
cutest thing ever! 

During soccer on Monday I rolled my foot, and
couldn´t walk on it afterwards. I tried to play it off like I was
fine, but eventually stopped playing soccer and just did some
crunches. It´s swollen pretty good now and a nasty green color on one
side, but it doesn´t hurt to walk on it anymore, so I consider that to
be a miracle. Some of the companionships, not mine, in my district
have been having a lot of tension, but it was cool to see whenever I
hurt my foot, how they turned outward and worked together to make sure
I was okay. It´s amazing what we can achieve when we turn outside of
ourselves.  I tried to take a picture of it but you couldn´t really
tell what it looked like in the picture.

Hermana Zimmerman-Lopez was in Spain and gave me some euros. Will you thank her for me! 
We went to the Real Madrid stadium for Pday. BEST PDAY EVER! 
Oh, so you know how I said that there was tension between companionships, and you know how
I hate drama. Well one night when I turned on my music a singles ward
song came on and I could not stop myself from dancing. It was like I
was two again. I literally danced to the whole song by myself and really
got into it while all the other girls laughed at me. I made them get
up and dance with me and restarted the song. I think that helped to
release some tension. Ugh... drama is the worst, but dancing is a
good cure sometime. 

Something I have been learning a lot about this
week is Repentance. I love repenting everday now. Ether 12:27 makes so
much more sense now. Whenever we come to God in prayer he will show us
our weaknesses and through repentance we can be made strong.  There is
a lot more to it, but that is the simplest way that I know how to
explain it right now. Repentance is something that everyone should
gain a strong testimony of.

 I love you all! I will be writing you
again on Monday before I leave to the mission field. I´m super
excited! -Hermana Schmidt

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