Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I made it to Barcelona! We are proselyting tonight, and get our trainers tomorrow afternoon. Mi español es muy mál pero I will get better as I work! I love our mission president and his wife. We got to tour some of Barcelona. It is beautiful here, but it smells weird. Where do you think I will be going? Oh, funny story! So on the way here we had to take the Ave, and there are some ramp escalators that we all had to go up, and the person in front of me got stuck, and that made the person behind her get stuck, and then I got stuck in between my luggage and fell. Now, not only is my foot swollen, but so is my hand... It´s all good though. I´m excited to go to work. Love you!
Hermana Schmidt

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  1. Oh man! I hope you're feeling better! I absolutely love the first picture that missionaries take with their prescient and wife. So very exciting! I hope things are going well so far!!! We are still thinking of you!