Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hola Everyone! This week has been so amazing! My companion and I have
the best discussions, and also the best times. Every moment is fun in
the MTC. We had a dance party with the sister training leaders
listening to singles ward music. We ate less chocolate because we had
started to become addicted to it. We call it El Diablo because we are
starting to see the effects that it is having on us. :) The nutella is
so good though!
 Spain is beautiful, and also very crowded. My
companion and I were at the little German Grocery store called Lidl
and were checking out with some chocolate when an old man started
talking to us in Spanish and we had no idea what he was saying at
first. I understood the main concepts of the conversation, and then he
started to walk towards the temple with us. He was such a sweet old
man, and whenever I started to get used to his speech it was easier
for me to understand. Some Elders from Madrid were walking in our
direction and saw who we were talking to and said, ¨Pompin!¨and gave
the man a big hug. It was so sweet and the man looked so happy.
Apparently he lives in the same building as us. I think that he is a
temple worker. That experience gave me hope for my Spanish though
because I was actually able to understand a lot more than I thought I
One thing that I have really learned throughout this week is
the power of prayer. Especially the power that parents prayers for
their children have. I´m so grateful for my parents and for everything
that they have taught me, and for their prayers. I know that when we
pray we are being strengthened and can overcome trials. There is so
much I have learned and I will write it in my letter home to you.
How are all the primary children? I miss them. Will you send pictures of
Evert and Wyatt to me? 
Quote of the week: ¨The Lord calls us in our
weakness, but he qualifies us for his work.¨- Joseph Smith. We are all
missionaries and can become qualified for His work through our
obedience. Exact obedience brings miracles. 
Te amo mucho! -Hermana Schmidt

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