Sunday, January 17, 2016

¡Ya Vinieron Los Reyes!
      We celebrated Kings' Day this week. This is the day when all of
the little children are most excited because the Wisemen come to bring
them their gifts. It was a normal day for us missionaries as we were
out on the streets trying to talk with people who were in a rush to
start cooking and do some last minute wrapping of presents. We ate
with a member in our ward and had a Roscón de Reyes for desert. It was
so delicious! We also sang to the lady in the rest home. She seems to
be forgetting s bit more of her memory which was sad to see, but we
answered her even when she had asked us the same question two seconds
      People don't really seem to be very open during the holiday
seasons. A lot of people have too much "prisa", but we kept a smile
and knocked doors. After a day of rejection we were blessed to knock a
door of someone who actually wants to listen to us! We met with her
yesterday and she seems golden! My companion and I also went to a park
to do some proselyting there because they aren't in such a hurry to
get to go places. We saw two young men training to be matadors. They
had a strange invention of a fake bull head connected to a wheel with
some handle bars. One would push it and the other one would dodge it.
We thought it was so interesting and decided to talk to them. We had
to walk a while out of our way to get to where they were so they knew
we were coming for a while. They were pretty awkward when we talked to
them and not very interested in what we had to share, but they let us
take a picture of their invention at least.
     We were knocking doors of another building and there were so many
dogs. Every door we knocked seemed to have a dog behind it. At one
point all the dogs in the building were barking and we were pretty
sure some people were going to be coming out angry at us for
disturbing them, but all of the sudden we heard a "mooooo....." And I
don't think we were the only ones confused because all of the dogs
became quiet as well. A cow in an apartment building? I hope not!
       We taught a member, and her non member daughter, about the plan
of salvation and the mother absolutely loved it. We had made some
little drawings to help them to be able to understand it a little
better and at the  very end the mother asked if she could have the
drawings.  She had just lost her father a couple weeks before and
hearing that lesson gave her a lot of peace. I love that we can be
instruments in God's hands to help his children!

¡Que tengan una buena semana!

Hermana Schmidt
Misión Barcelona España

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