Sunday, January 3, 2016

Hola Mis Amigos!
  Christmas is so much fun in Spain! Or maybe it's also because I'm a
missionary. On Christmas Eve we went with the relief society president
to sing Christmas carols to her friends and to give gifts to a family
in our ward who are from Africa. All of the little children were so
excited to receive gifts for Christmas. We then went and saw a lady
who had just lost her father and were able to give her comfort and
Christmas joy. We are now teaching her children. In the street we ran
into the uncle of one of the sister missionaries who is serving in
this mission. He isn't a member and we will be teaching him. We had a
Christmas Eve dinner with the R.S. President and another family from
Africa. Christmas Eve is a bigger celebration than Christmas Day. Even
though we were allowed to get home an hour later, we still had to get
back to our piso before because the buses stopped at 9.
   We got home earlier than the other sisters one night and so we
decided to scare them. We made sure we had all of the lights turned
off and waited. I was in their bathroom and my companion in their
room. The sisters came in and started to pray to start their planning.
When their prayer finished, I slammed the door to their bathroom.
There was silence for five seconds, then we hear shuffling and the
front door open and close. They were running down the stairs! We ran
after them, which made them even more scared until they realized it
was us. Our neighbor, an old man, came out to see what was happening.
We told him and he just started laughing.
      The rest of the week was full of service, great lessons, and
lots of food.
Hope you all have a Happy New Year!

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