Friday, February 26, 2016

¡Hola Famlia!
     We made a lot of brownies this week. I haven't made brownies
since the beginning of my time in Santander. The people here love
brownies and they just expect missionaries to know how to make them,
but we all learn how to make brownies while we are on the mission. I
don't think tey realize that in the States we just buy the box mixes.
The first time we made brownies was not a success. The brownies were
fine but all the people we passed by were not at home. My companion
thought it was so funny and every time we would ring a doorbell and no
one answered she would just start laughing which then would make me
laugh. We did have success later on though.
      We were walking down the street and saw an elderly couple
smiling up at us pointing to a pamphlet they held in their hands. They
were Jehovah Witness and when they realized who we were just smiled
and turned away. Same thing happened whenever two elderly ladies
knocked our door this morning. They are pretty smart at realizing that
we are not interested in their message.
     The week has been so cold except for one day and it was gorgeous.
The trees are freaking out and are blooming even though they still
have another month of cold to go through. The temperature is always
changing here though. I feel like I am in Missouri but there is no
humidity. I love whenever the whether is just perfect even if it is
only a few hours. One day I just was so scared to face the cold again,
but when I walked out it was perfect outside and I felt like God had
answered me prayer! The sun was out, the trees were in blossom, and
there was smell of someone barbecuing. People were a lot more happy
even though we still received a lot of the Spanish finger saying that
they did not desire to listen to us. That's normal though.
    One day we were running to visits, and our last visit was far. We
needed to catch the bus, but there was a strike going on with the
buses and we were booking it to the bus stop to see if we could catch
one. I was praying all the way while running there, and just as we
reached the stop, the bus came. Prayer answered, and we got to our
next visit just on time.
   God does hear our prayers. We have been teaching a lot of people
about prayer this week, and to help out my companion we created an
object lesson by making a paper sandwich. We explained how prayer was
like a sandwich and how it had the beginning and end with a bunch of
yummy stuff in between. It's amazing how much we overlook when really
we should consider it as one of our greatest gifts. How amazing is it
that we can talk to our Heavenly Father and that he is listening to
us. I know He listens and that he answers.
   I love you all and hope that you all have a fantastic week full of
wonderful days, and don't forget to tell your Father in Heaven about

Hermana Schmidt
Misión Barcelona España

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