Monday, March 9, 2015

   What an amazing week! One night we were knocking doors with a member and the building we were knocking had 60 apartments. You can imagine all the weird things we saw... At one door we knocked, a girl with dred locks and a floral robe on opened it and she looked like she just got out of bed, but she let us in without even really knowing who we were. When we got in the apartment it was all hazy and right away I wanted to leave but my companion didn´t. Another girl came out, and this girl had a unibrow like none I´ve ever seen before. We talked briefly about who we were, and of course the girls were super friendly. I don´t think they really knew what was going on. We invited them to church, but they said they had plans to be in a more natural environment because they just LOVE nature... 
   Another door we knocked on was of a guy who is about 30. He wasn´t interested, but he was very kind and we had a good conversation with him, and then after he gave us a little treat called Dulces Arabes. After he gave us them, he kept talking to us, and I didn´t want to eat the treat for fear that it would taste awful. So, I waited until after he shut his door. The treat was actually really good though, and later we made brownies for him and left them on his doorstep with a note. 
   I love when the members here try and pronounce my last name because it´s always the same comment that they make after they get it. They always say "Oh Schmidt like Joseph Smith!" They pronounce Schmidt and Smith almost exactly the same. It´s fine with me though that they compare it to Joseph Smith. 
  Since transfers were last week, I got to work with one of the new trainers for a night. We were waiting for an investigator in front of the Sagrada Familia, and an old man came up to us and started talking to us. He wasn´t interested in our message and I´m still not sure why he had started to talk to us in the first place. I think he said that he thought we were German... but afterwards he gave us a huge bear hug, and the other Hermana and I just stood there in shock because we didn´t want to push this old man away. 
  The work is going well here. We are still having troubles with getting our investigators to come to church and progress, but the members are really starting to help us, and that is such a miracle for us. 
  This Preparation day we went to Tibbidabo which is the highest point in Barcelona. It was super pretty and we had two districts with us. I could see the other side of the mountain and it was all GREEN!! 
   Love you all and hope you are having fun and helping the missionaries! We love the members and are always praying for them! One thing that we say every morning is a quote from Thomas S. Monson that says "Now is the moment that the members and missionaries unite and work together in the vineyard of the Lord to bring souls unto him. He has prepared the way so that we can share the Gospel in many ways, and He will help us in our efforts as we act with faith, to bring to pass His work."

Hemana Schmidt

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