Tuesday, December 23, 2014

So much has happened this week! I will tell you more when we skype, but here is just an overview. Don´t forget that we skype at 9am your time. This week David Archuleta came to Madrid, and was kind enough to come to the MTC and do a fireside for us. He is SO tiny! His voice was amazing, and whenever he spoke I could hear all of the girls around me just giggling. Then we went to the Temple today, and he was in the same temple session. I don´t know why people go all crazy about him. He is a normal guy with an amazing voice. :) 
It turns out that my companion has cousins that live in the same neighborhood as us. Their last name is Judy. Do you know them? 
Oh, dad, what is that Scottish saying? 
So my companion and I probably have too much fun. One day we wanted to scare some of the girls in our district, so we went into our room and hid next to the wall. My comp went down onto her hands and knees, and we waited. Well... It wasn´t someone from our district that came in the door. Instead it was our Hermano Giorgino, our teacher. We totally scared him though, and his facial expression was so funny! 
Onto the more spiritual side of things, I have gained a closer relationship with my Heavenly Father through my personal prayers and study. This work is amazing. I love it. 
Can´t wait to skype with you all on Christmas! Feliz Navidad. 
Tell Cameron, Aunt Chris E and Uncle Kirk Happy Birthday for me.
 - Hermana Schmidt
This is my companion and I at the temple today

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