Sunday, December 21, 2014

Oh my goodness so much is happening back home! I hope Lysje and Cody
get married haha. Send me a picture of Chandler if Sje hasn´t yet. A
lot has happened to me this week. I´m always tired, but I´m so happy!
I haven´t been hard on myself like I thought I would. My companion
helps a lot with that though. Her name is Hermana Judy, and she is
from Idaho Falls. She reminds me of Lysje´s personality, but more
innocent haha. In our afternoon class we learn a lot of the words that
we shouldn´t say. It´s very useful because at the park when we
proselyted one of the Elders in my district totally swore, but didn´t
realize it. OH! This is very important: On Christmas I will be skyping
you at 9am your time. Don´t forget. We only get 40 minutes max. Let me
know your skype account. I will be using the MTC´s. I have seen two
people that I know that are serving missions here in Madrid. One is
Elder Bigelow from our ward in Rigby. The MTC food is actually really
good! They are always giving us chocolate though, so I have to be
careful to not eat too much. We play soccer almost everyday for sport.
It´s really fun even though I´m not very good. I have had a lot of
¨She´s the Man¨moments when I try to kick the ball and fail just like
the brother does in the movie. I have learned so much about how to
study effectively for the investigators. Love you all so much! Talk to
you on Christmas! MacKinzee

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