Monday, December 14, 2015

¡Hola Mujeres y Caballeros!
       I have finally been transferred. Maybe the last time seeing as
how I have a tendency for staying in each are for 6 months. I'm now in
Zaragoza! It's not as humid here, so the cold weather is bearable. My
new companion is Hermana Plant. I was supposed to go in the train from
Bilbao to Barcelona then back to Zaragoza. I would have passed by
Zaragoza on the first train, so I called the office to let them know
that I would be getting off right away in Zaragoza. They were okay
with that. I forgot my coat in the train, but luckily an elder on the
train will be coming back to Santander on Wednesday and can give it to
      We had a baptism this week! Alba finally got baptized!
Everything went perfectly and a lot of members showed up see her
baptized. She was very nervous, and excited about the whole thing, but
after she was baptized she was so happy and calm.
    After the baptism, we had to hook up a machine to suck the water
out of the baptismal pool. Our ward mission leader accidentally tipped
it over and water sprayed everywhere. All of scattered, including the
ward mission leader. One of the elders practically jumped over the
pool in order to stop the machine from shooting out water. He and my
companion, who had the bad luck of having been standing in line of the
water, were soaked. We all had a good laugh about that afterwards.
    I walked out with my house slippers on, and didn't realize it
until we were in the elevator. We had to return quickly to the
apartment and change out my shoes.
    I also slept talked this week. My companion said that she woke up
to herself talking. When she woke up she realized that she had been
responding to what I was saying in my sleep. Apparently I was telling
her directions. She had to nudge me in order for me to stop talking.
      I said goodbye to everyone in our ward. With one we made
Marzipan, with another we ate chicken, and the others luckily didn't
give us food because I was way too full to eat anymore. We left for
Bilbao and we had to fit my two giant suitcases into a really tiny
elevator. At first we were just going to send up the suitcases, but
when we saw hat there was a little more room we thought that we might
as well get in. That was a bad idea. The elevator got stuck and
wouldn't let us out. That was awful, but my companion started to pray
out loud, and called the sisters that lived there. We finally were
able to get out. That was scary.
    I love this work! I'm excited for this change and this opportunity
to progress.

Hasta la vista

Hermana Schmidt
Misión Barcelona España